New Website! New Office!

The new website is live! It's taken us a surprisingly long time to get here. We spent a long time playing around with different styles and layouts to find something that really feels right. 

I'm proud to say that we finally got there though! 

I'm also going to use this post to discuss a few things we have going on. 

1. Schwing!

If you've had a look around the site before coming to this post you'll have noticed the page we've set up for Schwing. Schwing is an endless runner we've been building for Android, and have plans to build an IOS version too. There will be more news about this to come, including an official announcement and many more gifs and pictures on our twitter.

2. Social media activity!

We have been really quiet on social media since September and that is mostly just because we've been figuring out where we're heading and how to get there. Of course with Schwing we'll be hopping back onto the twittfacestergrams pretty soon. 

3. New Office!

This is a pretty big one and we're all really happy to be in our own dedicated space with heating, to help us through the winter. 


Its the best time of the year! There isn't much in the way of real news here I just thought it'd be worth mentioning.

That's really all I have for now but with the new website up and running we'll be ramping up our online presence pretty soon. I'm really excited to usher in the new year with all these things to talk about. 

Watch this space and have a very merry Christmas!

Fox Byte Games Logo Horizontal Black Text Creator's Legacy Schwing
Fox Byte Games Office Photo
Fox Byte Games Office Photo