Post-EGX review

So we’re all back and recovered from a hectic few days at EGX down in Birmingham. We unfortunately didn’t win the funding we were competing for, but a free chance to exhibit at EGX and a couple hundred players getting to try the game was well worth the effort!

Now how did Creator’s Legacy go down? Pretty damn well actually, almost everyone who tried it loved the idea and asked about how they could follow our progress, and a few people gave us some great ideas and things to improve on which we’ve already done. There were a couple of people put off by the bugs and jankiness but most of them understood Transfuzer was a showcase of in development games and hit over it.

Finally, what are we doing now? Unfortunately, we’ve come to the decision that Creator’s Legacy needs to go on the back burner for a bit whilst we gather some funding to pay both ourselves and some extra staff to help us finish the game. What this means is we’re putting more of a focus on getting contract work (get in touch) and developing some smaller bite sized games in the meantime (more news on that soon)!

Thanks for reading and hopefully we’ll be posting a lot more on this site as we progress now that it’s all fancy and new!