Creator's Legacy! Card Created Chaos!

A fast-paced action platformer where everything is determined by a deck of cards you create! Upon entering the procedural dungeon the deck system puts the difficulty in the hands of the player; easy for a quick and fun dungeon crawl, or difficult for a much higher chance of awesome loot - that's stronger equipment, bigger weapons or even breathtaking magic. The more you play, the more powerful you can become


  • Procedurally generated dungeons! Never play the same dungeon twice!
  • You pick your own opponents. Utilising the deck building system you'll be in charge of which monsters you'll face in a dungeon!
  • Tonnes of unique and interesting bosses! We've gone all out to make each boss feel special. 
  • A whole load of spells and abilities to collect and upgrade! We've got everything from great hammers to void magic, what weapons will you take with you into the dungeon?
  • Play your way! In Creator's Legacy, you choose your weapons, abilities, enemies. Create your own dungeon scenarios and create your own legacy! 

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Release Date: TBA

Platforms: PC

Genre: Action / Strategy / Platformer

Presskit: Link