Meeple Madness Title


Release Date: December 2016

Platforms: Web

Genre:  Strategy / Bizarre

Presskit: None

Meeple Madness! A Wacky Ludum Dare Game.

Back in December 2016, we decided to take part in a game jam, Ludum Dare 37!

So we gathered up the team and brainstormed some ideas! Meeple Madness was what we came up with. To sum up what its about here is a quote from our own Ben Sandwick

"Doing a kind of puzzley stealthy board gamey type thing where you have to dodge enemies (and if we get time, players) to survive by hiding in the shadows and changing time… or just using some good old fashioned ACME style traps. Oh and it’s in a room."

Of course we were young and had crazy ideas. So half of those features don't exist, but the game is still a fun little thing on its own. 

As it stands there are no plans to go back to Meeple Madness, we might do one day, but until then it is hosted live on this site, check out the link on the left and give it a go!

How To Play!

  • Don't get caught by the other meeple!
  • Click on a tile to move there. You can only move so far in a turn.
  • At the end of each turn a new meeple will enter the room, and all the walls will change.
  • Try and lure perusing meeple into traps to loose them.