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Card created chaos - a fast-paced action platformer where everything is determined by a deck of cards you create! Upon entering the procedural dungeon the deck system puts the difficulty in the hands of the player; easy for a quick and fun dungeon crawl, or difficult for a much higher chance of awesome loot - that's stronger equipment, bigger weapons or even breathtaking magic. The more you play, the more powerful you can become!


Creator's Legacy was first conceptualised in January 2016 as a dungeon crawler with card game elements. The goal was simple, to create an indie game that took two genres that aren't usually depicted together and combine them for a completely unique and fun experience. Nearly 2 years on and a full prototype has been developed refined and is approaching a beta state.


  • Procedurally generated dungeons! The game changes each time you play.
  • Monsters based off a deck of cards that the player puts together.
  • Loads of unique and interesting bosses.
  • Tonnes of spells and abilities to utilise when taking on a dungeon.


There are currently no trailers available for Creator's Legacy. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!




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About Fox Byte Games

We're a small indie studio start up in Teesside Middlesbrough, comprised of Teesside graduates from the games art and programming courses. Looking to create new and innovative games for PC with a plan to expand to console and VR development in the future.

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Creator's Legacy Credits

Aaron Preece
Programmer, Fox Byte Games

Nick Closel
Artist, Fox Byte Games

Darren Linton
Artist, Fox Byte Games

Ben Linton
Programmer, Fox Byte Games

Ole Aarnes
Artist, Animator, Graphic Designer, Freelancer

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